20 Apple Activities for the Classroom this Fall

An apple classroom theme is the perfect way to celebrate fall! Use these fun and engaging apple activities from our Made For Me Literacy All About Apples Unit in your classroom to enjoy these seasonal treasures.

Here are 20 apple activities we love for fall:

1. Apple Pie Sensory Bin

Source: @theautismteacher

This apple pie sensory bin is made up of a few ingredients and I can almost smell the apple pie scent through the picture! Visual recipe for this activity can be found in our Made For Me Literacy All About Apples Unit.

2. Favorite Apple Graph

Source: @mrshumblebee3

We love incorporating class graphs into our units. This one from our apple unit is nice and simple!

3. Apple Core Poems Easy Art Craft

Source: @rainbowsinsped

Combining a craft with a side of poetry! These easy art apple core poems are quick to prep with our printable templates. We always include differentiated writing options in our units, so non-writers can always join in!

4. Apple Play Dough

Source: @teaching.little.butterflies

With only two ingredients, our apple play dough visual recipe is easy enough for students. Bonus, it smells great, too!

5. Apple Life Cycle Anchor Chart

Source: @ausome_in_sped

We can’t get over how create some of you are. We love how this teacher created an apple-shaped anchor for our Apple Life Cycle Anchor Chart.

6. Describing Apples Anchor Chart

Source: @caitor_tot_teach

Let’s build up that language! This is one of our favorite anchors from the apple unit. Students can come up with descriptive words on their own, or sort the options available.

7. Apple Vocabulary Books

Source: @spedtacular_teacher

Any time we see a photo with a student using their AAC device with our MFML curriculum, our hearts grow a size. Oh, and these vocab books are FREE in our MFML Facebook Group!

8. Apple Vocabulary Posters and Printable Page

Source: @mrshumblebee

We love how this teacher used our apple vocabulary posters as a reference to use to complete one of the unit‘s apple vocab cut and pastes.

9. Apple Farmer Annie Story Map

Source: @spedtacular_teacher

Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington is one of the picture books paired with our apple unit. This teacher uses a pocket chart to display the story map cards included in the unit.

10. Apple Anchor Chart and Vocabulary Display

Source: @superspecialadventures

Is there a dreamier view? After completing the anchor charts together as a class, hanging them on display is the perfect way to add color to the classroom. Students can use the anchor charts as guides to complete other activities in the unit.

11. Apple Tree Easy Art Craft

Source: @teaching_special_littles

These Easy Art Apple Trees are nice and easy to create. Together, they make the cutest apple orchard!

12. Apple Vocabulary Display

Source: @chelseainsped_3

This is a great way to showcase the unit’s apple vocabulary.

13. Parts of an Apple Anchor Chart and Easy Art Craft

Source: @spedtacularonthespectrum

Another fabulous display using our Parts of an Apple Anchor Chart and accompanying Easy Art Craft.

14. Apple Math Printables

Source: @chelseainsped

This teacher turned our Apple Order printable into a reusable work task. Genius!

15. Apple Unit Display

Source: @creativelyadapted

What a fantastic way to display all the apple unit components.

16. Apple Orchard Bulletin Board

Source: @ecsewithmrs.liane

Another beautiful apple orchard. This teacher our apple unit‘s bulletin board letters and apple paper plate craft to create this look.

17. Parts of an Apple Easy Art Craft

Source: @elementary_sped_edventures

Labeling is such an important skill to practice in the primary classroom. After cutting an apple open to investigate, have students make this Easy Art Craft.

18. Slow Cooker Applesauce Recipe Sequencing

Source: @thespecialteacher

No apple theme would be complete without some homemade applesauce! Along with the visual recipe, we always include recipe reflection sheets and sequencing visuals, to get extra comprehension practice for the life skill of reading a recipe. We also include parent letters for ingredient donations and allergy forms.

19. Recycled Coffee Container Apple

Source: @caitor_tot_teach_a_lot

This teacher added some leaves to a recycled coffee container that holds the sorting cards for our “Describing an Apple” Anchor Chart Activity. So smart!

20. Apple Unit Organization

Source: @specialedventures

This teacher uses our free Made For Me Literacy labels to keep all her apple unit resources organized year after year. Download the free labels here!

Want even more apple activities?

If you want to see more of what is included in our apple unit, here is a blog post that has more details on everything included. If you aren’t already familiar with Made For Me Literacy, click here to learn more!

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