20 Interactive Alphabet Activities to WOW Your Kids

Once a child is ready to learn more about letters and letter sounds, we have to hook them with FUN activities! Worksheets and flashcards aren’t going to hold the attention of most learners, so step it up a notch with these interactive alphabet activities!

Foundational literacy skills are pertinent in our early elementary learners, so be sure to make your learning time with them count. The more engaged they are, the more they will learn!

Name Activities

When you start to introduce letters to students, the ones that they will most likely be familiar with are the ones in their name. There are so many different activities you can do with names. Here are a few of my favorite crafts that work well any time of the year. These are from my Celebrating Perfectly Perfect Names: Chrysanthemum Unit. Anything with Astrobrights paper turns out fabulous! I always make sure I’m stocked in this pack.

Alphabet Hunt in the Sensory Bin

Kids love sensory bins! Throw some letters into colored rice or dried beans and they will be hooked. This bin is just dried green lentils, poms, and letters from this Melissa and Doug letter puzzle pack.

interactive alphabet activities for kids


These letter popsicles were a hit in the classroom and now they are adored at home with my 3 year old. They are the Smart Snacks Alphapops from Learning Resources.

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Alphabet Puzzle Hunt

You can revive ANY puzzle by throwing the pieces in a sensory bin full of rice. This puzzle is the Hape Alphabet Puzzle. Click here to read my post on other Puzzle Play Activities.

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Alphabet I-Spy

I love adding different things to these Learning Resources Sensory Tubes and having kids “spy” the different items. They are perfect for these smaller letters and rice.

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Sticky Alphabet Letters

Contact paper can be used so many different ways! For this activity, tape it sticky side out to the wall and have kids stick foam letters to it. While they are sticking, name the letters with them and come up with different words that begin with the letter. This one is sure to be a hit!

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Sponge Alphabet Prints

We love getting out our sponge letters to spell our names or just practice stamping letters!

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Alphabet File Folders

I used these file folders during reading groups as well as at teacher time. They are great for differentiating skills to each level of students in your classroom. File Folders are easy to prep and can be used year after year! Click here to read how to prep file folders at home

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Matching the Alphabet

Write large letters on paper and have kids match magnets or letter manipulatives. It’s like a giant interactive worksheet! The letters used in this activity shown are from the Elmo Letters on the Go.

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Alphabet Mix Up

Grab all your ABC manipulatives and magnets, mix them up, and have kids sort by letter. Links for picture shown: rainbow sorting bowls, large tin with handles, foam letter magnets

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Rainbow Alphabet

I got this idea from Days With Grey and we are obsessed with sorting anything by color and with rainbows, so it was a hit from the start. I used magnets I grabbed in the Target dollar spot for this, but you could use any letter magnets! Just draw a rainbow on a larger piece of paper (I use the Melissa and Doug paper roll) and tape it down to a table. I taped ours to our giant magnet sheet (which is just a large oil drip pan from walmart), since we were sorting magnets. Click here for a tutorial on a DIY Magnet Board.

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Moon Sand Alphabet Molds

If you haven’t made “moon sand” yet, make it now! It is so soft and easy to mold, so it’s perfect to use with these alphabet sand molds. To make it, just mix 8 cups flour with 1 cup baby oil together until you get the consistency where you can mold it.

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Interactive Alphabet Books

These books have been a must have in every classroom I’ve worked in. They just take the traditional ABC books up a notch for students that need something to keep them engaged while reading. Matching is such an important pre-reading literacy skill!

DIY Tactile Alphabet

When I saw this picture on Instagram, I immediately gasped because it is GENIUS, especially for our tactile learners. This idea is from @edventurouslittleapples. She just glued pipe cleaners onto printed out letters. So smart!

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Alphabet Flip Strips

When I was in the classroom, I used these strips for my younger students just learning their letters and sounds, but also as independent tasks for students who needed maintenance with writing their letters and identifying beginning sounds.

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Alphabet Easy Art Activities

Not only are these adorable, but they work as a great visual reminder for kids! Make them and hang them up as a bulletin board or as your classroom alphabet. They are a great supplement to add to your phonics block and the students can create an ABC book to take home once you cover the whole alphabet!

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Alphabet Letter Construction

This letter construction activity is an easy ABC center your kids will love! They have cards for each uppercase and lowercase letter to follow and build the letters.

interactive alphabet activities for kids

DIY Alphabet Stones

Mix them up and have your students put them in order alphabetically, or give them a string of numbers with one missing. You could even use them to have students practice spelling out sight words, color words, number words, etc. There are so many different ways to use these.

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Alphabet Clothespin Tasks

When I still had a classroom, I always had a center that was mainly running with clothespins. Fine motor and academic skills covered? YES PLEASE! I have the ones pictured and also these ones.

interactive alphabet activities for kids

Alphabet Playdoh Cookie Cutters and Stamps

Playdoh is a game changer for any activity. Pull it out and kids will be locked into the activity. Have them use alphabet cookie cutters, alphabet stamps, or just their hands to roll and build letters. They won’t know its work.

interactive alphabet activities for kids

What are your favorite alphabet activities for the classroom or home?

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interactive alphabet activities for kids

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