5 Must-Have Checklists for Special Educators

When you work with students with special needs, the most overwhelming thing can be the paperwork! From organizing testing to student IEPs and observations, there is so much to keep track of! Keeping organized can be a constant struggle if you don’t have a system in place. These 5 must-have checklists for special educators will help you have everything you need to keep your caseload and classroom organized.

Daily Tasks Checklist

Prioritizing what you need to get done each day is important. Just because it’s on a list doesn’t mean it’s going to be finished in a day, but using a daily task checklist will help you focus on the must-do tasks for each day. Staying focused on the most important tasks help you meet the needs of your learners without getting distracted by things that can come later (like decorating your classroom or updating lessons for next year). There is nothing like checking “done” on that daily checklist!

Always Something to Do Notes List

For those tasks that you may not be able to accomplish in a day or a given week, an ongoing ”always something to do list” will help you revisit non-urgent tasks when you have a break in your busy schedule. Of course, it seems you’re never caught up, but when the daily tasks are complete, you can refer to this list of the things that would be nice to get done but aren’t urgent.
Here are some items that may be helpful to put on a “always something to do list”:
  • Meet with special teachers to help plan co-taught lessons for your students.
  • Go through lesson files to decide what to use again next year and what to discard.
  • Apply for grants or Donors Choose projects to support your students’ needs.
  • Make positive phone calls home to parents.

    Beginning of the Year Checklist

    There is so much to do when the school year starts! It’s easy to forget things you have to get done, teachers you have to meet with, and normal school building tasks outside your caseload paperwork. Use a beginning of the year checklist to make sure you don’t forget to complete any needed tasks. Save this one for July or August to get started before your students arrive!

    Teacher Assistant Task List

    If you are lucky enough to have a teacher assistant or para-educator in your room, make sure you are utilizing them to their full potential. Share the tasks you need help with on this simple teacher assistant task list. Depending on your assistant’s building role, tasks might include administrative items like making copies or laminating materials. In addition, your TA may help with student needs. Perhaps, they will assist a student with their physical, academic, or emotional needs in class while you are working with other students. Unless your assistant is attached to a specific student per the student’s IEP, your TA can work with multiple students in the class. Make sure to ask your assistant what they feel comfortable with. Utilizing their strengths when it comes to assigning them tasks will make the class run smoother for all of you!

    Teacher Work Day Task List

    If you are anything like me, a work day can be quickly filled with socialization and off-task behaviors. You may not have a lot of time to talk to your co-workers on a regular school day. A longer lunch and some chatting is inevitable. You can still have the social time and still get important tasks accomplished by making a teacher work day task list. Prioritize the most important things you need to get finished on your work day.

    Need more organization?

    These 5 must-have checklists for special educators is just part of the Special Educator’s Everything Binder. Your year will be completely organized with calendars, checklists, lesson planners, behavior planning sheets, and more. It’s never too late to get organized with this incredible resource!

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