A Peek at Our Week: Winter Clothing, The Mitten, & Prepositions

One of my goals for the new year is to be more organized with this little blog of mine. I love sharing ideas with others, and I absolutely hate when I get out of the groove of blogging. I do best with routines, so I’m hoping this post can be a weekly post for me.

Next week, we will be working on winter clothing vocabulary and winter forest animals. I am also planning on covering a few prepositions during our whole group structured reading time. Obviously, most of our day consists of several different activities going on at one time due to the large range of abilities and needs in my classroom; however, I do try to stick to a whole group story time, because I believe all of my students benefit from the group time activities.

In my newest adapted book pack: Bundle Up, It’s Winter, I’ve included a book about winter clothing with comprehension questions and an interactive vocabulary sheet. There are also interactive winter kids to use with a cookie tray for students to practice “dressing” for the winter.

I love The Mitten by Jan Brett. It is such a wonderful book for winter and it covers so many skills! I remember the first time I read it was close to 9 years ago for my first semester of student teaching. I went for 2 hours a week in a first grade class. MY oh MY have I grown!

After scouring Pinterest for ideas, I’ve decided on the following activities (& freebies!):

I plan to use the story props from the pack below from 1 + 1 + = 1 blog to make the read aloud a little more interactive. I am also planning on having a story map like the one from Plant’s Press that we can review daily. With this story, I will be stressing the words “go,” “in,” and “out.” We consistently work on the words “look” and “turn” turning story time and we try to use them in different contexts, for example “It’s your turn” and “turn the page.” I especially want to stress those words with my students that are using aug comm devices to give them more practice with their device in a structured setting. 

To go along with the mitten theme, we will be of course making the mittens and hats from my Easy Art Pack at our art center.
We will will also be making some hedgehogs and foxes for some cutting, tearing, and gluing practice with our OT! 
I also adore these stained glass mitten decorations from Kindercraze, and our classroom windows need some winter lovin. 
Right now, our classroom is full of winter tasks at each area. Here are some highlights that I’m loving for next week!


Check out the other ideas I’ve pinned for this month on my January Pinterest Board:
Hope y’all have a nice, relaxing Sunday!


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