Spring Clothespin Tasks {Tip: Clothespins NOT Required}

In spite of 3 days of our Spring Break turning into make-up days, I’d say we had a pretty successful week. I usually set up everything for the month the week before it begins, but this month was a little different because SPRING IS (finally) HERE!

We got a little crazy in our classroom during our clothespin prep and gave some of our hardworking clothespins a rest. Instead we turned some of these tasks into Velcro tasks, file folder activities, and even workboxes (whaaaaat?). I thought about doing some cookie tray tasks, BUT I already have plenty of those cuties set-up for Spring thanks to my girl Erin from Creating and Teaching. I love that all the tasks in this pack can be set-up in multiple ways to fit the needs of your student. Once again, I dieeee at the gorgeous Spring colors. Whimsy Clips rocks my teacher world.
My students complete these tasks at our table time station. Keeping the tasks consistent with the themes really increases our students’ independence with the tasks because they are familiar with the set-up and they don’t need additional directions to know what to do to finish the task. Yes, I loveeee.
Below is a pic of how I store the tasks – these bins are my best fraaaands, I tell ya. I always stroll down the aisle at Target to see if they’re on sale (I’ve gotten them for under .75 before – wowza!). Anywho, to prep these, I put the label on the front, throw in the laminated page and we create a little teacher left to right work system to prep them. It’s fun…. kind of (lies). But oh, the happiness I feel when they are finished and looking below like the photo below shows.
Enjoy the photo op of tasks below!























Oh, and grab a freebie of the Eggcellent Egg Matching file folder task pictured above by clicking the picture provided below. 🙂
spring activities for kids


  1. Erin Blecki on March 28, 2015 at 6:18 pm

    I love that you pointed out that these activities don't HAVE to be clothespins. I adapt several of them in my own classroom with velcro too. I'm looking into options for setting up a designated time in our routine to complete these tasks of yours 🙂 They are so awesome! And thanks for shout out to my cookie trays! 🙂

    Creating & Teaching

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