April Work Tasks (Caution: Egg Overload)


The following tasks are the result of raiding the Easter Target clearance last year, putting it all in my attic, forgetting about it…. then this year, I bought all the cute Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot stuff to prepare for April… and THEN I remembered all the stuff I already had. Eh… the more the merrier! Thankfully, my ah-mazing TA’s are work task creating machines, so we were able to come up with lots of fun tasks for our little cherubs! The colors are BEAUTIFUL and my kiddos have been so engaged and on task while doing these tasks! The fine motor practice with putting eggs together is also quite the bonus. 🙂 
Most of the tasks are easy to interpret, BUT just incase I’ll give ya a little description!


Assembly task – Students match the pom pom to the egg, close, and put in the colorful container.


Match the erasers (from Dollar Tree)


Number Match 1-18


Eraser put-in task


Sorting task (Erasers from Target)


Egg matching assembly task


Counting task 


Shape matching


Match the eraser to the correct color egg, clasp together, and put in the container on the right


Egg color sorting (eggs from Dollar Tree)


Uppercase/Lowercase egg match – to make it a two-step activity, we added poms for color matching.


Clasp the eggs, then sort by color


Assembly task – Eggs in eggs, then in the “bunny case” – close the case when all the eggs are in there


Eggs in eggs, clasp, then put in the basket to the right


Color matching


Patterns with these adorable Target Dollar Spot finds!


spring independent work activities

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