Art and Writing Center Lessons for the WHOLE YEAR!

Building Independence

When I first starting teaching in a special ed classroom, I noticed that during art activities my students weren’t the ones doing the crafts. We (the adults) were breaking a sweat trying to manage the glue and craft pieces. Yes, we were “guiding” little hands to complete the activity, but we were essentially putting together the entire craft for the kids. Of course the crafts turned out adorable, but was it something the child could be proud of?

Breaking down a task into steps

Due to this realization, I decided to start making visual task analysis cards for every craft we did. I immediately noticed an increase in how much of the craft my students were completing without assistance. Sure, they still needed some minimal prompting here and there, but the end product was THEIR work, and not an adults. Click here to read about Art Activities Your Students CAN DO Independently.

Easy Art Packs: Your Art and Writing Centers are planned!

Since that year, I have been fine-tuning my first Easy Art Bundle to make sure you have ALL the tools necessary to run a smooth and (hopefully) drama free art lesson. I also have differentiated writing pages to go with every single craft and they are included! That means, with my Easy Art Bundle, you not only have your art plans covered for the ENTIRE school year, but you also have your writing center DONE for the entire year. 163 easy crafts and writing pages that are already leveled for non-writers and writers? YES PLEASE.

Easy Art Activities work on

-basic skills 

-fine motor skills


-making choices

-matching/following a model

-following directions

-prewriting and writing skills

-working towards independence

-targeting occupational therapy goals

-target speech language and communication goals

AND SO MUCH MORE! Below, I’m giving you ALL the details of what’s included in my Easy Art Packs.

Teacher Prep Sheets

Art activities kids can do by themselves
Teacher Prep Sheets

If you like to just print out the craft templates and use them to trace on construction paper before cutting, these are perfect for you!

Easy Print Sheets

The easy print sheets are designed so you can print directly on the colored paper and either you or your students can cut them out.

Art activities kids can do by themselves
Print directly on the paper!

Step by Step Visual Direction Cards

All crafts come with step-by-step photos for your students to follow while they do the craft. This helps them be more independent and cuts down on verbal directions. Print and display as is, on paper, in a pocket chart or on a ring for your students to follow along.

Art activities kids can do by themselves
Step by step visual cards
photo by @collaboratewithkris
Art activities kids can do by themselves
Step by step visual cards
photo by @teachinglittlebutterflies

My favorite option is to have directions and materials on a tray for a student to complete at their independent work station. Remember, independence is the ultimate goal!

Art activities kids can do by themselves

Digital Whole Page Step by Step Visuals

Don’t want to waste ink or no time to prep? I got you! Each Easy Art Pack comes with digital NO PREP whole page visuals. These are the same as the printable visual cards, they just fit to the whole page. Bring up on any device for students to follow along with for a NO PREP option. During whole group activities, I would display the steps up on our smartboard.

Art activities kids can do by themselves

If I had the art activity set up as a station, I would have the directions on an Ipad for them to follow.

Art activities kids can do by themselves

Differentiated Writing Pages

These writing pages are the latest addition to the bundle. In each pack, there are leveled writing sheets to go with the crafts.

Art activities kids can do by themselves

There are fill in the blank options, cut and paste errorless options for non-writers, lined sheets, and blank editable sheets for you to type your own prompt or for students to type their writing!

Art activities kids can do by themselves

I think the “type in” option is currently my favorite! It provides you as the teacher with ENDLESS writing center prompts and you can use the sheets digitally to give your students a chance to type their writing.

Art activities kids can do by themselves

See what other teachers are saying about Easy Art Activities

My Easy Art Bundle includes 163 ready to go art and writing activities, so you are set FOR THE ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR! I promise you, your students are going to LOVE these activities, your paraprofessionals are going to love these activities, and YOU are going to love these activities.

“After purchasing Gabrielle’s Letter Art pack, I knew I had to grab her seasonal bundle! Again, I love the sweet, easy art projects so my early childhood intervention kids can have meaningful practice gluing and matching a model (while also making adorably crooked animals). But my favorite part is that she included adapted writing activities! I’m all about finding visual writing opportunities for my kids, and these come already made! LOVE.” —Stephanie B.

“We LOVE this product! The seasonal bundle is worth every penny! We’re able to use these to target OT goals, language goals, and to supplement thematic units and writing activities. We’ve set these up as independent work, small group work, task boxes etc… This product is super high utility, plus parents/families love the finished product!” —Elise S.

“A wonderfully simple activity for our daily art center.  My students are so proud to post their work on the hall bulletin board because they made them all by themselves!” —Margaret P.

“I absolutely love this resource it has been a game changer for me this year! My students love the activities and look forward to doing them. Thanks for making this.” —Spedteacherkatie

“Love how truly “easy” this art is! I especially love the visual directions already made for each project!” —Jessica B.

“THIS IS THE BEST! My students are very low and we are working on basic skills while making choices and following directions.” —Megan T.

“This product has been the perfect companion to the Storytime Bundle.  Each week my students complete an art project from this product that matches to the story we have read.  They love doing it and I love seeing them become more independent with their direction following.  Thanks for creating such a great product!” —Meghan H.

“Excellent resource, simple art activities that will allow my students aim towards independence.” —Clerkin P.

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these resources. I usually show my instructional aide the first page and have her pick what craft she wants to work on with the kiddos. I am really loving the writing pages included, this has really helped meet all of my student’s needs.” —Samantha S.

“I absolutely love this product.  The included writing pages makes this even easier to provide purpose for the product.  The step by step directions and printable shapes make it easy to leave for anyone to complete with my students.  I am excited to have so many options to choose from because I have my students for multiple years.” —Mackenzie J.

Want it now? Grab it here!

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Art activities kids can do by themselves


Art activities kids can do by themselves

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