Back to School Books for Week 2: Animals at School

Below are the books we will be reading for the second week back to school. My district goes back to school the last full week of August, so we will be focusing on “Back to School” topics for the first three weeks of school. The following books focus on the theme “Animals At School.”
Incase you missed the intro to this series and week one’s “All About School” book list, click below to catch up:


If You
Take a Mouse to School by Laura Numeroff

These books have so many great comprehension activities to go along with them and they are the perfect base for our “Animals at School” week. We will be doing comprehension activities, sequencing activities, as well as some crafts (freebies coming soon!). Also a great book for a basic survey, “Should the mouse be allowed to go to school?”
Rufus Goes
to School by Kim Griswell
Another cute book about a pig that wants to go to school to learn how to read. Perfect for sequencing activities and comprehension activities. Also a great book for a basic survey, “Should pigs be allowed to go to school?”

Social Skills/Rules:

How Do
Dinosaurs Go to School by Jane Tolen

I always LOVE these dinosaur books and they are spot on for all the boys I tend to have in my class. We will be reading this story and using it in conjunction with some of my social stories to discuss proper school behavior, and good choices versus poor choices. Thankfully, the dinosaurs make good choices in the story, so it’s a good argument to have on your side. 
Social Stories from my TPT Shop:

Transition Books:

I love reading books during longer transitions, such as before lunch, after recess, packing up, etc. Below are some fun books that go along with the literacy lessons for the week, and are just the right length for reading (5 minutes). 

Worried by Kevin Henkes
Chrysanthumum by Kevin Henkes
Clifford’s First School Day
George Goes to School
Bailey by Harry Bliss
The Pout Pout Fish Goes to School
Froggy Goes to School
We will continue using these Back to School Interactive Vocabulary Books books from Speech Room News during literacy centers and transition times. 

Remnant Book Activity:

Pete the Cat: Rockin’ in my School Shoes Class Book
Last year, my students requested this book throughout the entire school year, so I think it’ll be safe to plan on using it for another week of our “Back to School” theme. The song is super catchy, and it I love that I can play it straight from the website here. Throughout the first week of school, we will be taking pictures of the students doing things in their “school shoes,” just like Pete does in the book (i.e. reading, eating, walking, playing, etc.). The students will make a “book” page where they are the character and they are “____ in their school shoes.” This page will be added to their remnant books. 
For a class activity, we will be taking pictures of the students shoes to make a class book titled “Rocking in Our School Shoes” that we can read throughout the school year, like the one here. I’ll definitely post about ours when the time comes. 
 I will be going in depth about what I have planned for my literacy lessons and centers once we get close to school, I just wanted to give ya’ll a chance to check these books out and give you plenty of time to check them out at the library or purchase them before you will need them. Be sure to come back tomorrow to read about what we will be reading during the third week of school! The theme will be “ABCs, 123s, Shapes & Colors!”

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