Big Pumpkin CD Printing: An Easy Process Art Activity

I am a becoming a huge fan of process art. Kids are always amazed when you take a common object and make it an art tool. Today I’m sharing about how you can use your old CD’s and recycled bottle caps to make a pumpkin patch art scene.

I got this idea from my girl Kaitlyn over at @artwithmrs.e on Instagram. She has an adapted class she works with and she did these with them as well! GO FOLLOW HER!


Here’s everything I used:

Black and green construction paper

Orange and white washable tempera paint

Scissors (I used these paper ONLY cutting scissors with Rhett who is under 3).

No spill paint container

Green oil pastel crayon (I like this pack).

Old CDs

Recycled bottle caps



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If you have everything prepped and ready to go, this is an easy project. It can get a tad messy since you are using your hands to make the prints, so I suggest having baby wipes ready (they are perfect to clean up little hands quickly) and I also had a paper plate handy as somewhere to set the CDs and bottle caps after using them.


Below are pictures of each step. You could always break this project up in a few days if you wanted.

Before starting, mix your orange paint with a little white paint so it shows up nice and bright against the black background!

Start with the black paper.

Use a q-tip and white paint to add dots (stars).

Cut the grass with scissors.

(P.S. I love these scissors for Rhett – they ONLY cut paper and are perfect to give him some independence without me worrying about him cutting his hair or anything else for that matter).

Glue the grass on.

Paint the CD orange.

Make the CD print on the page. Be sure to press down!

Paint the bottle caps orange.

Make more pumpkins in the field.

Once you are ready, add some vines to your pumpkins using green oil pastels.

I thought this project was perfect to pair with one of my favorite Halloween books, Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman.

If you need visuals for a story map or some interactive comprehension questions to go along with you read aloud, I’ve got you covered in my Halloween Story Time Pack!


Like the step by step art with visual directions? Check out my Halloween easy art pack!







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