Bring “Out of this World” activities to your classroom with the MFML Space Unit!

Are you ready to take your class to infinity and beyond!? Our Space Unit from Made for Me Literacy is the perfect way to introduce all things space to your students. With loads of space vocabulary, pictures, and hands-on activities, your students will stay engaged and have fun tapping into their inner astronauts! 3…2…1…BLAST OFF!

The Made For Me Literacy Space Unit is broken down into 4 themes — one for each week in our monthly lesson plan. The Space Unit curriculum guide (included in this unit) is an easy-to-follow lesson plan that lays out daily/weekly activities to take the guesswork out of teaching! In week one, students will learn about ROCKETS. Weeks two and three showcase the SOLAR SYSTEM and ASTRONAUTS (always a hit with students!) The Space Unit finishes in week four with the MOON and STARS.

Space Storytime Books

Space books are always SO FUN to incorporate into lessons. This unit features three of my favorite space books: Roaring Rockets (by Tony Milton), The Solar System (a MFML text), and Mae Among the Stars (by Roda Ahmed). As with all of our MFML units, each book comes with hard-copy and digital comprehension reviews as well as differentiated assessments perfect for classrooms with different leveled learners.

Space Vocabulary

Students always LOVE learning space words; and in this unit, they will master enough words to impress a NASA crew! We’ve provided both clip-art and real life pictures to go along with all of the vocab. Students can practice these new words with task boxes, cut/paste worksheets, boom cards, and more!

Space Poem

Adding movement to poetry is one of my favorite things to do with kids (in school and at home!) I always love seeing students’ faces light up when they’re reciting the poems and moving their bodies! It’s so much fun, they don’t even realize they’re learning! The poem for this Space Unit is PERFECT for adding motions to. Once you’ve practiced enough as a class, we’ve provided an ordering activity for students to do on their own.

Space Anchor Charts

 Oh, how I love anchor charts! They are one of the easiest ways to bring units to life and reinforce lessons in the classroom. And the anchor charts for this Space Unit definitely do not disappoint! We’ve created three new charts: space vocab, the solar system, and astronauts. While each one is cute and colorful, the astronaut chart might be my fav – the little can/have/are rockets are just SO adorable! All of our anchor charts also come in a NO PREP, digital version on Google Slides that you can pull up on any device and with a worksheet for students to follow along with.

Space Crafts

Whether at home with my kids or in the classroom, craft day is always so much fun! I love using simple, everyday materials and turning them into something special. For this unit we use paper plates to create a swirling, twirling solar system, paper towel rolls to make a telescope, and paper bags to turn students into astronauts with their own space helmets!

My favorite craft in the unit is the PAPER ROCKET. I love seeing students build their rockets at the beginning of the week, displaying them in the classroom, and then letting the students “fly” and “land” them in their moon sand at the end of the week. Getting multiple uses out of one activity is always a plus! 😉

Space Writing Activities

One of my favorite collaborative activities is making a classroom predictable chart! This gives each student a chance to feel special when they share their individual lines — but also, gets everyone working together as a team. Win-win! In week three, students take turns sharing what they would see if they were astronauts. 

This unit also features 3 more awesome writing activities. In week one, students get to write about what they would bring with them to space with their rocket craftivity. I just love seeing all of their different answers! In week four, we included the (always fun) acrostic poem! With two different levels, students can either choose words from the provided word bank OR they can brain-storm to come up with their own words for the SPACE acrostic. Be prepared for some really creative vocabulary! 😊

Space Sensory Activities

Sensory time = the best time. This unit has 3 super hands-on sensory activities that will have your students smiling brighter than the sun! If you’ve ever played with Moon Sand, then you know how soft and squishy it is. Students (and teachers!) absolutely love squeezing and molding this soft, dough-like sand. Made from flour and baby oil, it is probably the easiest but most mesmerizing sensory recipe we have!

Now, I don’t know about you, but my kids would play with slime every single day! In week two, students will get to make their very own Space Slime using glitter glue, contact solution, and baking soda. The finished product looks SO cool! We also have directions to create your very own Space Sensory Bin!

If you’ve seen any of our other units, then you know that we here at MFML loooovee a good visual recipe! That’s why we always include visual recipe sheets and reflections for all of the classroom science activities. 

Space Snacks

No MFML unit is complete without some yummy snacks! In week four, students get to make (and eat) their very own moon! Moon Cakes, made with rice cakes, peanut butter, O’s cereal, and bananas, are SUPER easy to make. Worried about nut allergies? We’ve got ya covered! We’ve also included an alternate recipe made with cream cheese.

Space No-Prep Printable Sheets

No-prep printables are always some of our most asked for resources. As former classroom teachers ourselves, Michaela (from Especially Education) and I know that sometimes the only prep you have time for is no prep at all. In this Space Unit, we’ve created TONS of no-prep printables to make it easier to provide quality, leveled instruction even when you are running short on time! Each week we provide printables for 4 different skills, each with 2 different levels. 

Space Centers and Digital Activities

If file folders, match mats, or task boxes are your thing — then you will LOVE the Space Unit Centers in this unit. We used high-quality images to make these activities visually engaging for the students as they get hands-on practice with math concepts, letters, vowel sounds, vocab, and more! we’ve provided instructions on how to use them as well as some boom card FAQs. 

Free Mini-Unit Overview

In addition to the big Space Unit, MFML has created a mini-unit you can access for free (find it here). Yep, you read that right….FREE! With a digital download, you will get access to over 200 pages of space activities. Included in this freebie unit are some of our most well-loved activities, such as: math/ELA task boxes and file folders, an easy art activity and coordinating anchor chart, differentiated cut-and-paste activities, and (of course) a visual recipe. We also included resources for one fiction text, such as a story map and printable/interactive WH- questions.

Outer space is always one of the coolest themes to teach! I hope you and your students have loads of fun with these activities. Be sure to tag us in your classroom photos, so we can see all the amazing ways you used this Space Unit! 🚀

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