Butterfly Observation Journal Freebie

Like most primary grades in the spring time, we are learning all things life cycle. Butterflies, ladybugs, plants, preying mantis….. ALL THE THINGS.
At our school, they set up an “observation station” in the multipurpose room, so students could look at the caterpillars daily to see the life cycle take place. We also have preying mantis eggs we are waiting to see hatch (eek!)
Watching my students so into the caterpillars is one of my favorite things about Spring. So many fun activities to teach!
I decided to incorporate their high interest into a writing opportunity. Every day, they go to the observation area and write about what they observe. My teacher assistant facilitates this process. 
On each journal entry, they circle the stage of the life cycle, describe what they observe, and draw a picture.
“I saw six caterpillars. I think they are gross yucky and terrible.”
Kids are so truthful – I love it!

For my lovelies that aren’t quite writing yet or on PECS, I made two versions. In the second version, they have pictures to choose from.

Click below to grab the freebie journal!

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