Celebrating Diversity with Little Learners

To set the stage for our study of influential African Americans this month, we read a few of my favorites and did a group activity together to celebrate diversity in our classroom.

To open up a discussion about how all skin colors are beautiful, we read The Colors of Us and The Skin You Live In.

Both of these books have simple, but meaningful text for little learners to follow. They help children appreciate their unique skin colors and help them understand the beauty of different skin colors, such as “chocolate chip, double dip sundae supreme skin (from The Skin You Live In).”

I grabbed this pack of the multicultural paper from Amazon, and after we read our stories, each student chose their color, I traced their hands, we cut them out, and put them together into this wreath for our classroom. So simple, and I love the way it looks hanging in our room.

Our classroom is full of such amazing little friends! ♥



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