Christmas Ornament Sorting Freebie!

I know I’ve already said this a million times… but Christmas in the classroom is seriously my favorite thing ever! So many fun work tasks and activities!

On my work day yesterday, I wanted to update EVERYTHING so returning from Thanksgiving would be a breeze. One of my favorite change outs was at the workshop station.
I changed this leaf sorting work task….
to this!




Eeeek! So cute!!

I plan to change it out with every season! Apples, leaves, flowers, eggs, birds, so many possibilities!One of my fabulous TA’s cut the tree out of construction paper and put contact paper over to secure it for the year and so we could add velcro.

If you want a copy of the bulbs I used, click here to grab them for free!

I finally got myself together enough to finish the Christmas Storytime Visual Supports!! I’m all prepped and ready for the whole month of December!


I prep everything in advance (story map visuals) and keep the files in my dropbox so it’s super easy to pull them up on the Promethean board for students to answer after we read the story.
We do story time right after we come in from recess. I read the story once through, then again and we complete the story map page by page. It’s amazing how well my students have this routine down! After we finish the story map, I pull the questions up on the Promethean, and pull students to come up to answer. It’s also super easy to pull the questions up on an iPad or laptop for students to answer.


What are some of your favorite Christmas picture books?

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