Color Matching and Color Sorting Work Tasks

Color sorting activities for the primary classroom. Tons of ideas for preschool kindergarten or special education independent work centers #sortingactivities

Last month, I shared our fine motor put-in tasks on the blog with loads of examples. Today I want to share some of the color matching and color sorting tasks we have rotating in class right now. Once my students master basic put-in tasks, I start teaching color sorting/matching. I typically narrow the task down to sorting by 2 colors, and then we build up to more colors.

Found these in my class – I think they were game pieces at one time. 
Students sort by color into the baggies.
Sorting big blocks into colored bins. 


Sorting colored discs onto pipe cleaners


One of my favorite tasks! They can sort by color or shape.
Found a similar one here


Veggie trays from the dollar tree are magical!






Sorting colors center – Similar one found here


Veggie tray (dollar tree)


Melissa and Doug Sort and Snap (a favorite of mine!)




Stacking Cups from Dollar Tree



Paint Color samples and clothespins


Sorting Dowels


Colorful Clips from Walmart

Color Sorting Classroom Must Haves:

Below are the top two things I use constantly for color tasks (Affiliate links).





Click below to read about our fine motor tasks.

Need ideas for independent work areas?

Below I’ve included a few of the independent work stations I’ve used in the past. There are so many different options for set ups. If you click on any of the pictures, it will take you to a blog post with more examples and an explanation on how to set up your own independent stations that can foster independence in your students.



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