Curb Those Testing Jitters!

Hi all!

Just wanted to write up a quick post during “testing season” to pass on a few tips on how I keep my students on point during testing time.

A lot of kids tend to get the testing jitters, even though they won’t admit it. To help out, give ’em a little boost of confidence each day before going onto the battle field.

1. Calming Music: Usually there is a little lag time before testing. If possible, I play a little classical instrumental music while the kids are waiting to start. I also enjoy the Jack Johnson (kids) Pandora station.

2.  Confidence Boosters: Whoever banned candy in the classroom was OBVIOUSLY not a teacher. It works! Click here for a FREEBIE from Ginger Snaps on TPT to use with all different kinds of candies and also here where Jessica Winston also provides a 5-day freebie to use! I chose to use blow pops shown above.
3. Make them HYDRATE: I bring in packs of water bottles for my kids to drink on during testing time. A well hydrated body works better!

4. Motivation (or bribery): Give them some kind of “prize” at the end of testing, such as a game day or a pizza party. I have to read the tests to my students, so to ensure they follow along with me for each question, I do a checklist on the board each day (I check off for every 5 questions they are still following along with me). If they kept up with me the whole 4 days, they get the reward. I don’t deal well with “rushing” or “guessing” and this form of bribery has never done me wrong.

5. Light at the end of the tunnel: I love these little “O-fish-ally done!” packs using either Swedish fish (below) or Goldfish crackers for the last day of testing.

I’m sure your students will do amazing on the test! Give them a little help by incorporating some of these things during that week!

Happy Sunday!


  1. theuniqueclassroom on May 14, 2013 at 1:19 am

    I love these ideas! Unfortunately, we have finished our testing season, but I will definitely keep these in mind for next year! (I especially like your idea for relaxing music: I use Norah Jones on Pandora everyday during math. Jack Johnson comes up on that a lot, but I'll have to try his kids station).
    Amy Marie

  2. Jennifer Concannon on March 24, 2014 at 1:18 pm

    This is exactly what I was looking for! We just started testing today and my cherubs are a little nervous, but these little treats will help calm them down. Thanks!

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