Digital Task Cards for Distance Learning

Distance learning has caused teachers to think about how to teach online while still providing their students with meaningful, engaging activities. Enter Boom cards! Boom cards are self-checking, interactive activities for your students. Our Made for Me Literacy Boom Cards are perfect for at-home learning! Here are some tips to get started!

Use with Emergent Readers

The bundle is perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten readers. The bundles also include appropriate math skills for each level. Skills include math and literacy skills that start with Pre-K in the Level A bundle and end with proficient Kindergarten skills in the Level B bundle.
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For example, the Set 1 skills pack includes the following skills perfect for Pre-K learners or to differentiate for struggling Kindergarten emergent readers.
  • counting to 5 (with a ten frame)
  • color identification
  • shape identification
  • AB patterns
  • big and small
  • beginning sounds (Letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J)
  • uppercase letter match (Letters: S, A, T, I, P, N, H, P, C, K, E)
  • categories
  • sight word sentences
  • short A words
  • By the end of Kindergarten, your students will be able to practice skills in the last set of the Level B bundle. Some of the skills in the Level B Set #5 bundle include:
  • Time to the hour
  • Graphing
  • Subtraction word problems
  • Counting by 5s
  • Numbers to 100
  • Sorting by categories
  • Beginning digraphs
  • Syllables
  • When? Questions
  • Sight word sentences
  • Your students will be so excited to learn and grow their literacy and math skills with 100 digital skill cards from Pre-K to Kindergarten.

    Use the format that works best for you and your learners

    During distance learning, not all students may have access to technology at home. That’s why the bundle includes different formats for your learners.
    made for me literacy worksheet printables and digital task cards

    Printable worksheets, interactive PDFs, and Boom card options are all available for your learners. Whether you are delivering learning packets to your students or sharing live lessons via Zoom or Google Meet online, or sharing the interactive PDFs or Boom cards on your online learning platform, the different options will make sure every student gets something out of your instruction.

    Each Pre-K and Kindergarten bundle includes 5 sets with 10 skills each available with Boom cards, interactive PDFs, and printable worksheets.

    Foster independent learning

    Because the Made For Me Digital Task Card Bundles include Boom cards, your learners can quickly self-check and correct while they are working independently at home. In addition, you can also assign the digital task cards that individual students need to work on in order to differentiate instruction for struggling readers or those who have already mastered skills and standards. There is no need to create extension or remediation lessons for different groups. With 50 digital skill cards in each bundle, there are skills to practice for every student! Our Made For Me Literacy Digital Task Bundles are the perfect tools for distance learning! Try the Pre-K and Kindergarten bundles in your distance learning classroom or when you return to school!

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