Division with Manipulatives

This post is going to be quick, but still has a nice little tip in it. My students HAVE to have hands-on manipulatives in math. It helps them so much and fully engages them into the concept they are working on. To introduce division, I went full hands-on using colored tiles, slates, markers/erasers.

During this short activity pulling a large # of tiles into smaller groups created that “OHH I GET IT” moment for a lot of my students that have such a hard time with basic division. It might not look like much, but it helped them get over the “I can’t do this” hurdle.

If you have any students that struggle, try this out… I have them count the whole number to start off with, and then I tell them to divide the number into so many groups, such as 12 divided by 3 shown below….

They simply use dry/erase markers to draw the circles (groups) on the table. They LOVE writing on the table – and it comes right off!

Here is another picture. 24 divided by 4.

18 divided by 6!

Here I gave the student an example of how he could do this activity even when he didn’t have the colored tiles.
We also briefly went over fact families using our Origami triangles – very helpful!

Hope you can use this somehow!


  1. Kelly Mcclary on February 24, 2013 at 11:05 am

    thanks gabrielle

    i have two daughters, one is add/dyslexia/funny/beautiful and the oter one is ad/hd/dyslexia/brilliant/funnier than the first one….and they love the idea of writing on the table ….even though one is 11 and the other one is 14….they never grow up…do they…i hope not…love mom…..homeschooling teacher/mom/cook/laundry expert/dog walker

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