DIY Alphabet Stones

Having lots of different examples of the alphabet is key to early literacy skills and generalization of letters. For my sensory driven kiddos, I know these alphabet stones will be just the ticket to getting them hooked during literacy groups at the beginning of the year. 
You can use alphabet stones in a variety of ways and activities to teach letters and sounds, and they are perfect for hiding in your classroom sand table for students to discover. 
Mix them up and have your students put them in order alphabetically, or give them a string of numbers with one missing. This fall, I plan on incorporating them during our ABC sorts using the picture cards from this pack. You could even use them to have students practice spelling out sight words, color words, number words, etc. There are so many different ways to use these. 
To make these stones, you just need some paint pens and rocks. I used the sharpie paint pens which usually don’t wear from typical classroom use, but it’s always a good idea to use a sealer (mod podge) to protect your masterpieces. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time to go rock hunting with a 6 month old, but that would have definitely been the cheaper (FREE) route! The alternative to finding rocks outside is to buy them. I got these ones from Michaels in a bag for 2.99. I’ll take it! I also got the paint pens from Michaels, but they had a variety of options. 
I bought a few bags of rocks and can’t wait to make more – I’m thinking capital letters will be nice for some matching. My goal is to make stones to go with all of my interactive books (shown below) just to appeal to another sense for my students. 
I would love to hear how else you would use these in your classroom!


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