DIY Magnet Board

I love using up empty wall space to make it more functional for learning at school and at home. Years ago, I hung up this giant oil drip pan from Walmart on the back of a bookcase in our classroom to make it a magnet board. I went through a phase where I literally put magnetic tape on the back on EVERY sorting task possible. I loved it! Click here to see some other fun “unconventional” centers I added to our classroom.

Now that I have a little guy of my own at home, I wanted to make one for him as well. He is loving letters right now, so it really made the perfect opportunity to add more of the alphabet into his day!

I grabbed a giant oil drip pan from Walmart in the automotive department. If you don’t see them out, ask an associate. They grabbed mine from the back. It was 5 bucks, ya’ll. Amazing! I also grabbed some command strips to hang it to the wall.

I had this thing up within 5 minutes. I added the command strips all over the back, stuck it on the wall, and it was done!



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