DIY Rainbow Rice Using Liquid Watercolors


Liquid watercolors are my new staple art supply. They come in the prettiest colors, wipe right off little  (and adult) hands, and have SO many different uses.

Today I decided to try out making rainbow rice using them. Let me tell you friends, I am mind blown. I typically dye rice for sensory bins using food coloring and vinegar, which always came out great and really isn’t very time consuming. But the vinegar smell that lingers just annoys me. Plus, I hate getting food coloring all over my hands.

Using liquid watercolors is WAY easier, like takes a few minutes and you’re work is done easier.

I used these tropical color liquid watercolor paints from Oriental Trading Company.

Supplied needed:

-white rice

-liquid watercolor paints

-gallon size ziploc bags

-parchment paper (paper plates, plastic containers, cookie trays, anything to let the rice dry in)


Measure 2 cups rice into ziploc baggie.

Add some liquid watercolors in. Mix together.

The more vibrant you want, the more color you add (just don’t completely soak the rice).

Once it is evenly mixed, dump out on parchment paper and spread into a nice thin layer.

Allow it to dry. Fresh air always helps speed this up. Once it’s dry, mix it up again with your hands to make sure none of the pieces are stuck together.

Pour in a container and ENJOY!

Here’s a better look at each color.

I love the way it looks after its all mixed together!


rainbow rice bin

rainbow rice bin



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