Essential Pieces for Your SPED Caseload Binder

Being a special educator means you have a lot of tasks to manage. First, getting everything organized can be a task in itself! The Special Educator’s Everything Binder will help you keep all your information in one convenient place. Here are some essential pieces for your SPED caseload binder!


First, start your binder with weekly and monthly calendars. These calendars will allow you to see tasks at-a-glance. For example, recording important meetings, lessons, and assessments listed in a calendar will keep you organized and on track. As a special educator, you have to coordinate schedules with parents, administrators, and classroom teachers to attend meetings. The undated calendars in this “everything binder” can be started at anytime of the year!

Lesson and Unit Planning

Many special educators are also involved in multiple content areas. Keep track of your students’ assignments, lessons, and materials needed with lesson planning sheets complete with the The Special Educator’s Everything Binder.

The binder includes several different lesson plan templates to choose from and the option to edit the tables depending on your individual needs.

There are even pages for small group planning!

Important Information

There are so many important items you need to know as a special educator. Having an important information section in your SPED Caseload Binder can encompass all the extra things you can’t forget! Here are some pages that you may want to include in your binder:
  • School Contact List
  • Special Ed Contact List
  • 2 Password Logs (for Students and Teachers)
  • Library Books Log
  • Favorite Substitutes Sheet
  • Daily Schedule
  • Weekly Specials
  • Zone Planning Charts
  • Student Information Sheets
  • Schedule Cheat Sheet Chart
  • Student List
  • Birthday Chart
  • Allergies Chart
  • Transportation Chart
  • Transportation drop-off and pick up logs
  • Form Log
  • 2 page view checklist view (grading, papers, checklists, attendance, etc.)
  • Student Tech Cards
  • Caseload

    Student IEPs, progress monitoring/goal tracking information, and assessment data and annual/re-annual dates are all pivotal materials to include for each of the students on your caseload. Keeping track of modifications and accommodations can be challenging. Therefore, putting them in one SPED Caseload Binder will not only help you organize your students’ needs, it will also make sure that you are able to communicate those needs with all classroom teachers.


    Rather than publicly displaying behavior data for your students, keep those goals private in your SPED Caseload Binder. Using behavior tracking sheets for your students is more helpful than displayed behavior charts. Your students, parents, and other classroom teachers can have conversations around the data in order to improve or maintain positive behaviors.

    Parent Communication

    Parent communication logs are a perfect addition to The Special Educator’s Everything Binder. In addition, send home notes such as meeting reminders and positive note cards! Finally, parents love hearing the great things their students are doing in the classroom.

    Events, Trips, & Volunteers

    It can be difficult to get parent volunteers for class events and field trips. Parents are busy, of course, but sometimes they just don’t know how they can help. Let them know by sending home volunteer information from the Special Educator’s Everything Binder.

    Meetings & Professional Development

    Your yearly goals, staff meeting notes, and everything professional development can be stored in your Special Educator’s Everything Binder. Being able to access PD all year long is so helpful! Those pages can get lost and forgotten in file cabinets or Google Drive, so put them all in one convenient binder. In short, organizing notes to improve your practice can help you help your special learners!
    sped caseload binder pages


    Of course, I am a big fan of checklists! The checklists in the Special Educator’s Everything Binder are the perfect way to prioritize everything on your list. For example, you’ll love using daily task lists, “Back to School lists”, and lists to help your teacher assistants. Click here to read about 5 checklists every special educator needs! Overall, lists are a great way to stay organized and get things done!
    Finally, these essential pieces for your SPED Caseload Binder will help you stay organized and meet your students’ needs. Start with a binder, tabs, and print out the fantastic resource to make sure you have everything you need for your students this school year.

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