Free Reading Resources for the Primary Classroom

You have so many ideas for teaching reading! Just look at all those items on your TpT wishlist. Where should you start to get the best resources for your special thinkers? Why not start with free reading resources for the primary classroom? These reading resources are ready to use in your reading block tomorrow. They are perfect for engaging your special thinkers at all levels. Check out these free reading resources for the primary classroom!

Being a Friend

First, use our Free Friendship Unit in your classroom to teach students the characteristics of a good friend and how to make the right choices at school and at home when it comes to navigating and maintaining friendships. This unit is perfect for back to school time or a refresher anytime during the school year. 

Click here to read more about our Free Being a Friend mini-unit.

Need to spend a little more time on Friendship in your classroom? We have two additional units that focus on Friendship and Classroom Community!


Next, blast off with this free space unit to use with your PreK-2nd grade students. Practice space-related vocabulary words like planets and space-related terms. Your students will be ready to blast off with rocket anchor charts, a space story, visual recipes, and more! Differentiate with the extra art activity for those learners really ready to rocket forward in reading!

Love space? We have an entire 4 week Made For Me Literacy Unit that teaches all about space! Click here to read all about it!


Even if it’s not wintertime, the Gingerbread Man is such a fun story for your students to read and learn from. Like all Made for Me Literacy Units, this free Gingerbread unit comes with all the materials you need to differentiate for your readers (and emerging readers) in your classroom.

The Gingerbread unit includes story time comprehension activities for a student-favorite text, The Gingerbread Man. Of course, this helps your students recognize authors, illustrators, characters, settings, titles, and sequence with story map pictures. Also, the stories are adapted for all learners with picture vocabulary and non-examples for questions. If you want to save this activity for wintertime, it’s a perfect unit for those holiday party days!

Want a week of Gingerbread lesson plans? Click here to read more about our Free Gingerbread Unit!


What primary student (or adult for that matter) doesn’t love pizza? Why not use a ready-to-go reading unit all about pizza!  The Made for Me Literacy free pizza unit will get your students reading and writing with an adapted art activity to make pizzas with their favorite toppings.

Of course, your students will also have the crafts and a predictable writing activity that all Made for Me Literacy units have to offer! What could top that? (Maybe some delicious pizza to top off the unit? Yes, please!)

Click here if you want to read more about our Free Pizza Mini-Unit!


After all the back to school madness, check out our Halloween unit for October! It includes a glimpse of our favorite Made For Me Literacy tasks and activities. Students will enjoy playing with different Jack-o-lantern emotions with the unit’s chosen text, It’s Pumpkin Time, Mouse!

They’ll get to enjoy a visual recipe to make yummy pumpkin cookies and lots more reading and writing activities are included, of course! This is a great unit to download and save for next fall. It’s a perfect unit for the last week of October.

Click here to read more about our Halloween Unit.

Story Maps

I mentioned using story maps in all the awesome Made for Me Literacy units, but you can also use them for any story in your classroom curriculum or for student free reads!

Overall, these free story maps help your students learn the author, illustrator, title, characters, setting, and plot (sequence) of any story! The visual symbols also help your students identify the who, what, where, and why of each story they read. Practice this with a mentor text or one of the Made for Me Literacy stories, and get ready for your students to be excited about learning and engaging with story maps.

There are so many free reading resources for the primary classroom that you can use right away! Just print off the materials and read the easy to follow lesson plans. Help your students learn comprehension skills, story elements, text structures, and more. What free reading resources will you use in your primary classroom?

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