Fun Themes for November in the Classroom

Fall is fully upon us! I love autumn. The colors, the leaves, the yummy smells of cinnamon and apple pie! For us, November is all about pumpkins, fun on the farm, leaves, camping, turkeys, and Thanksgiving. Itis the perfect time to celebrate the harvest and give thanks for what we have. I love to explore these themes and activities at home and in the classroom!


I always go overboard with buying pumpkins in October, so we still love learning about them in November. You can make the Pumpkin Dough or No Bake Pumpkin Pie by using our visual recipes from our Made For Me Literacy Pumpkins Unit. I love this Pumpkin Scrubbing Sensory Bin for an easy sensory activity. Cut off the top of the pumpkin and let your students explore all the different parts and make the Pumpkin Guts Sensory Bag from our MFML pumpkin unit. One classic experiment I do with pumpkins is a foaming pumpkin with baking soda and vinegar. Pumpkins are so cool!

Need more pumpkin themed read alouds? Click here for my favs!


Have you visited an apple farm or a pumpkin patch this season? Extend that learning with our Made For Me Literacy Farm Unit. Teach about the life cycle of a chicken, farmer duties, and make a fun tractor snack. For extra sensory fun, make this On the Farm Sensory Bin or the Chick Feeding Station Sensory Bin from our unit.

For even more farm crafts, check out my farm easy art pack. Easy art crafts provide step-by-step real picture instructions to build independence. Read more easy art packs here!


Leaf investigations are so fun for kids! Make a leaf sensory bin. Go on a leaf hunt to collect and sort leaves by size and color to work on math skills. Paint different types and sizes of leaves and stamp them on white cardstock to make beautiful leaf prints.

I especially love the leaf easy art craft from my Fall Easy Art Pack.

Check out some of my favorite leaf activities by clicking here or on a picture below!


Are you going camping this fall? Bring the forest into your classroom with these fun read alouds and forest animal crafts. This is also a great time to learn about Nocturnal Animals. Check out our Made For Me Literacy Nocturnal Animal Unit.

Check out more camping resources here!


I could spend the whole month of November doing turkey activities. They are so fun! First things first, I have to show this Turkey Classroom Door. It is my favorite activity for November! Click here for more on how we made it.

Did you know that we have an entire Made For Me Literacy Unit about Turkeys? Click here to read all about it. It is PACKED with activities for November! The turkeys in disguise project is a must for any classroom. Kids love choosing different costumes for their turkeys!

Turkeys are the perfect alternative if you can’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the classroom. We make the turkey playdough and turkey cookies from our MFML Turkey Unit every year. Last year, I also printed the turkey headbands from the unit to color and wear during dinner on Thanksgiving.

I also adore this fine motor turkey sensory bin to add to the fun.

Need even more turkey read aloud ideas for this month? Here are my top 5 Turkey Read Alouds!

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