Halloween Sensory Bin

At the beginning of this year I started with just mini sensory bins to see how my students did with different materials (water, sand, beans, rice, etc.). Now that my students have learned how to play appropriately with these smaller bins, I felt like I could break out a real sensory bin! 

Of course, since it’s almost Halloween I went for the ghouls and goblins theme. My favorite thing about sensory bins is that there is no right or wrong material to add. I always like to add in as many differently textured materials as I can to try appeal to all to all the senses.

Here is what I included in our Halloween bin:
-dried black beans
-black and orange straws cut up
-green, orange, and purple poms 
-tons of mini erasers from Target 
-mini pumpkin and cauldron buckets (dollar tree) 
-spider rings (dollar tree)
-skeleton arms (dollar tree)
For most of the time, it’s all fun with the sensory bin. This week it was all the rage. I love how excited my students get when I bring new things into our classroom!

When I can, I like to involve a little bit of work. I added a sorting tray and had them sort the erasers. Thankfully, they never realized they were “working.” The best :)

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