Helping Our Students With Writing

Our writing station is one of my favorite places in the classroom! I love that the students work on SO many different skills with just one writing activity. I always use my Sentence Builder packs at our writing station, and vary the levels based on the students. Below are a TON of pictures to show you how we set the station up for the kiddos.

At the writing station, I hang up the different writing topics that the students can choose from. 
In the basket are the color-coded word blocks to form the sentences. These are the smaller blocks available in my Sentence Builder packs. I use the larger ones from my younger pre-writing leveled students. 
I love displaying the monthly topics on the back of this peg board so students can see their options for what they would like to build sentences for.
I personally like using the binder better, but I understand that some of my little guys need the pictures to help them focus a little better during the activity. When using the binder, if the students are not at the level in which they can pull the word blocks form the top, the teacher/TA just provides him or her with a few choice options on the strips located on the bottom half of the binder. This really helps our kids narrow down the correct words needed to complete the sentence and builds their confidence in writing.
For my writers, we also have them record their sentences to make a monthly book they can go back and read. I keep their booklets in their writing folders at the station, so everything they need to work is close. 
We also keep dry/erase writing boards and the extra work-block pieces at the station.
I have seen so much growth in my student’s language skills this year and I really think part of it is this center. Students have to comprehend the pictures, answer “WH” questions such as who and what, and use adjectives to make their sentences pop! 
I plan on making Sentence Builder Activities throughout the entire school year to continue building independence at this center and building upon my students language skills. Below are the packs that are currently available.

Click below to read more about my writing center.

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