Helping Students with Autism Transition to Middle School

In my county, students go to middle school in 5th grade. For students with autism, this transition can be suuuuper scary, especially for the parents. Incase you need some ideas to give parents or for yourself on how to help your students (even those transitioning to high school), go visit this site:

Here’s my little summary of what I am going to do to help my little cuties:
Video Tour of the school on my Ipad
Short video interviews with new middle school teachers
Show them school planner, website, anything else from the previous year I can gather
Video chat (facetime) with a responsible middle school student to give them time to ask questions and with their teachers
Actual School tour with me, the student, and  parents to explore the school (without students present, and then eventually with students present) and their new schedule they will have.
Personal Portfolios – this is a project I plan to complete in the last month of school. Kind of like a “get to know me” thing for them to bring with them to school to share with their new special educators.
Although I’m super excited for them to “grow up” and be big bad middle schoolers – this whole experience makes me so sad! I wish I could go with them!
If you have students with autism, I strongly encourage you to go to Paula Kluth’s website even if you don’t have students that will be transitioning. She has a lot of great ideas!

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