Interactive Science Pack: Solids and Liquids

Science can prove to be a tricky task in most classrooms, especially special needs classrooms, plus there are not a lot of materials out there to teach science concepts to our students. Students benefit from tons of concrete examples to help them understand these concepts that can be quite abstract to them. 
My students learn so much more when our activities are based around interactive books and hands-on sorting activities, so that is what my newest pack consists of! 
One of my favorite parts about this pack is the Real Object Sort!
Fill small containers with
common solids and liquids you can find around the classroom/house and label them (pictures to label are included in the pack). 
Have the students make
observations about the different objects (i.e. the orange juice flows, the
coins do not change their shape) and then have the students sort the objects.
Keep the materials in your science center for the students to explore daily!
I use the activities in this pack, plus tons of quick and fun hands on activities to teach my students the difference between solids and liquids. 
Be on the look out for more Interactive Science Packs coming your way! 
Here is a list of the topics I am working on right now (I have some work to do!):
Science Tools
The Five Senses
Body Parts
Push and Pull
Sink or Float
Living and Non-living
Plants and Animals
Life Cycle of a Pumpkin
Life Cycle of an Apple
Life Cycle of a Plant
How do you teach science concepts in your special needs classrooms?!  


  1. James Street on October 24, 2014 at 5:16 am

    This is a great activity! Thank you for sharing. I really like how these activities make a connection between the representational and concrete. The distinction between liquids and solid can be hard to observe when looking at pictures. I look forward to the next science task.

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