January Adapted Art Activities

I absolutely love incorporating art into our routine. So many skills are covered with one short activity, such as color identification, following directions, fine motor skills, cutting, matching.. the list goes on. Last month, I created an adapted art pack for my students. 
In the art center, I would set out all the materials needed for the daily activity in individual plastic baggies (see above photo). When a student had art on their schedule, they grabbed a bag and followed the picture directions to complete the task. After using these activities daily last month, I knew I had to continue using them again this month. I love finding ways to help my students be more independent in the day. Even my younger learners could complete the tasks with minimal assistance. So.. basically.. I’m obsessed with these things. 
Here’s a look at the January pack:
Since we do an art activity everyday, I supplement with quick, easy art activities from Pinterest. Click below to see all the fun things I pinned for January! Winter is such a fun time!

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