Low-Prep Math Lessons for the Full Year

Don’t you love the beginning of the school year? I always enjoyed seeing smiling faces, reconnecting with students, and just soaking in the excitement a new beginning brings! But, if mid-year me could send a letter to beginning-of-the-year me, it would probably read something like this: “Stop stressing! Get to work, and please, ask for help!” I remember hearing that mid-year me voice, so Michaela from Especially Education and I came up with some ideas that will help you make it through the slumps that every educator experiences. In fact, we have some Low-Prep Math Lessons for the Full Year that will lower your stress and strengthen learning in your classroom. We call this Made for Me Math, and it’s focused on kindergarten level skills. We focus on year-long units of study to make sure the material and standards are covered. As with all of our Made For Me units, there is a ton of built-in differentiation for you. This particular bundle is a growing item and will have more units added as they are created. These low-prep math lessons are easy, engaging, and will get you from August to June!

Unit 1: Colors

Unit 1 of the bundle focuses on colors through two fun stories and lots of cute printables! You will find everything you need for whole-group instruction all the way to individual-focused stations.

Unit 2: Numbers 0-5

Unit 2 helps learners work on the numbers 0 to 5. Your students will love the activities that go along with the story “Bear Counts”. New mathematicians love learning to count like a bear!

Unit 3: Numbers 0-10

Unit 3 helps students increase their number awareness from 6 up to 10 (while reviewing 0-5). Interactive story time with “Ten Black Dots” is a student favorite in this unit.

Unit 4: Sorting & Classifying

Unit 4 focuses on sorting and classifying skills for your young learners. The story “A Pair of Socks” is a fun way to intro the vocabulary words and sort and classify different types of socks. Students love using anchor charts to visualize this sorting and classification process. I think the best part for PreK-K students is making the edible Monkey Cap Snack through the Visual Recipes!

Unit 5: Comparing Numbers

Unit 5 introduces the idea of comparing numbers, and our good friends the alligators! Be careful, though! Once students master this concept, snack time might become a bit trickier! (More, please!)

Unit 6: Patterns & Positional Words

Unit 6 guides students through the vocabulary for patterns and position-based words. “Rosie’s Walk”, the story of Rosie the Hen, is an adaptable and interactive way to teach patterns.

Coming Soon. . .Unit 7-10

Units 7 through 10 are still in production, but will be part of the growing bundle once they are completed! They will focus on shapes, basic additions, basic subtraction, and non-standard measurement. I can’t wait to show you what we have in store for your amazing students! These Low-Prep Math Lessons for the Full Year take a bit of weight off your already-heavy shoulders. I know how hard it is to spend time creating something you know will be engaging and fun for the students, so we have done the hard work for you! Check out each part of the units for Low-Prep Math Lessons for the Full Year. You’ll use stories, assessments, visual recipes, anchor charts, and hands-on activities to help your math students learn and grow while incorporating literacy. Let us know what you love about Made for Me Math!

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