Made For Me Literacy Extended School Year Units to Use in the Classroom This Summer

Are you teaching extended school year or summer school this year? It can be tough to keep students engaged through the summer months. Because of this, we did a round up of our favorite non-seasonal Made For Me Literacy units. These tried and true units are sure to keep your students excited about coming to school. 

Are you are a parent looking for some fun activities for the summer? Don’t worry, we still have you covered! Every Made For Me Literacy unit contains lessons for art activities and visual recipes for sensory and snack activities based on the theme that are perfect for at home learning.

Made For Me Literacy Sharks Unit

Shark week, anyone? Our Shark unit covers lots of fun shark facts and covers other ocean creatures. Students enjoy eating a shark in a cup snack, playing in an ocean water sensory bin, and making colorful ocean animal crafts

Made For Me Literacy Dinosaurs Unit

Dinosaurs are always a hit with kids of all ages. With our dinosaur unit, students become paleontologists that find dinosaurs in a sensory bin, make a volcano, build a t-rex fossil, make their own salt dough fossils, and more!

Made For Me Literacy Bugs Unit

What kid doesn’t love learning about creepy, crawly bugs?! Mine sure love them! Kids are introduced to different insects, build a bug, go on a bug hunt, make buggy slime, learn the ladybug life cycle, make butterfly bag snacks, and more!

Made For Me Literacy Space Unit

Outer Space is one of the coolest themes! In this unit, students learn about different planets, make moon sand, build a rocket, create a swirling solar system mobile, paint with shaving cream, make space slime, and more! Click here to check out our FREE Made For Me Literacy Space Mini-Unit

Made For Me Literacy Pets Unit

Got animal lovers in your class? Kids will enjoy learning about different kinds of pets, play in a pet feeding sensory bin, make a puffy paint fishbowl craft, create a pet rock, paint with feathers, and more!

Made For Me Literacy Zoo Unit

Going to the zoo is one of my family’s favorite summer activities. With our Made For Me Literacy Zoo Unit, teachers can recreate that excitement! Activities in this unit include a giraffe and flamingo craft, marble painting activity, elephant bread snack, zoo animal ice rescue, zoo play dough tray, sorting zoo animals by their habitats, and more!

Using Made For Me Literacy Units to Teach This Summer

Since all of our Made For Me Literacy units come with curriculum maps containing four full weeks of instruction and gobs of activities and tasks, you won’t ever be without something to do this summer. All units also have digital anchor charts, boom cards, and interactive PDFs if you are still teaching virtually. Digital activities are also helpful if you prefer less printing and prepping. Let us do all your planning for you, so you can still enjoy your summer!

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