Made For Me Literacy: The Adapted, Hands-On Curriculum Designed for Special Education

One of my absolutely favorite things about being a special education teacher was that I had the freedom to design fun and exciting lessons for my students specific to their interests. I never had a curriculum to follow. No one ever told me what books to read to them or what activities I had to do with them. I absolutely loved planning out my own lessons, but as any teacher can attest, it was exhausting! I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours I spent late at night and on the weekends scouring Pinterest and blogs to find ideas I could bring into my classroom. If I did find an activity I liked, I had to spend even more time tailoring it to serve the specific needs of my students. 

When Michaela and I teamed up to create this curriculum, we knew exactly what we needed to include. Having both taught in self-contained special education classrooms, we have experienced the difficulties and frustrations of finding appropriate resources to meet the needs of their students.

With our Made For Me Literacy curriculum, our main goal is to provide teachers with engaging, comprehensive reading units that are designed with special learners in mind. These monthly-themed units span various subject areas, including basic reading, writing, math, science, and fine motor skills. 

We did ALL the planning for you! Many activities included in the Made For Me Literacy curriculum provide two or three levels of difficulty. Meeting the needs of all your students is easy with the differentiation already done for you.

Literacy Components

Each unit corresponds with a fiction and non-fiction text for you to hold the ultimate story time session with your students! We have a full book list available if you would like to see what we’ve included for the year.

read aloud activities

Our resources give you everything you need to provide your students with meaningful literacy lessons with story maps, adapted visual pieces, vocabulary and follow up comprehension activities and assessments. We also include vocabulary words that correspond to each unit theme, as well as templates and printable to create your own visually pleasing anchor charts for group lessons.

Community Helper unit

Adapted Art & Writing Activities

Do your students struggle with art or writing activities? The art activities include easy print pages so you can print pieces directly on construction paper (so students can cut the shapes out), and step by step real picture directions for students to follow independently or as a whole group activity. Our writing activities are differentiated with options for writers AND non-writers so all students can participate.

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Independent Skill Activities

We also include over 30 tasks that will help increase independence and enhance basic math and literacy skills. Every single task box and file folder included comes with two levels of difficulty, so the differentiation is always done for you! 

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We also know that no prep activities are the perfect staple to have on hand every month, so each unit also includes a variety of differentiated cut and paste activities. These are a great way to assess student knowledge, promote independence, and practice fine motor scissor skills.

Sensory Fun

Our sensory recipes are a fun, hands-on way to incorporate many academic and life skills! Each month, there is one edible visual recipe and one sensory visual recipe. Easy-to-complete student reflection sheets are also included!

Want to try out the curriculum for yourself?

We have developed free mini units to give teachers a peek at the curriculum. These are giant freebies that can be used for several days in your classroom! Our two free units, space and pizza, can be used anytime throughout the year. 

Join our Made For Me Literacy Facebook Group for exclusive freebies and to connect with other MFML teachers! To the left is just ONE of the many freebies you get from being a group member.

Be sure to follow Made For Me Literacy on social media to see all of our units in action, as well as hear of upcoming unit releases, sales, and FREEBIES! And remember to use the hashtag #madeformeliteracy so we can see all the wonderful things happening in your classrooms!


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