Magic E Featuring Long A Vowel & TARGET FINDS

We are finally getting through some Phonic instruction without all the awful inturruption of Benchmarking. This week, we had a little fun with my newest packet….

The Incredible, Magical “e” – Featuring Long Vowel “a”

To introduce this magical creature, I started with a little mini-lesson on example and non-example words and had the students generate ideas about the “rule” of why the example words were different from the non-example words.

The point of this little activity is to have the students investigate the difference without me having to just tell them the rule. If they discover the rule on their own, they will have an easier time remembering it. My students noticed that the words were both the same except the e at the end of the example words. They weren’t sure how to read the words out loud, but after a few wrong attempts, one student got it! I explained the the e at the end of the words in the example make the a have the long vowel sounds – or make it say it’s own name.

Once students began making these generalizations about the examples, I introduced my little “e” wand and we practiced changing different short vowel words to long vowel words using MAGIC!
…to bade!!
Other students recorded each word change on this sheet:
Obviously, the magic e idea has been around for a while, so I am not sure who to credit this fabulous idea too. If anyone knows – please do tell! I want to give credit where credit is due.
On to the rest of my lesson… OF COURSE we had to read and identify some words out of some poems from our favorite author – Shel Silverstein

This illustration cracks me up! 

and then we PLAYED GAMES!

My students loved the activities and games from this packet, and it helped tone down the difficulty of that crazy silent e that baffles them.
Here’s what is included in this packet!

I am in the process of making a packet for each long vowel – stay tuned !
Also – here’s a quickie at some adorable finds from MY OBSESSION – the Target Dollar Spot
Bird Clippies to hold together cards for activitys during a lesson

Mini File Folder expandables to hold all my different card game pieces – PERFECT

Enjoy your Monday! It’s snowing here – Always a good thing! 

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