No Mess Recycled Cardboard Ornaments with Kwik Stix

Ever since I discovered the magic of Amazon Prime, I saw no need to go to the store for anything I could easily get in two days. This year, ALL of my Christmas shopping was done on the couch. Needless to say, my house is currently flooded with a million broken down cardboard boxes. While planning for our school and home crafts for the holidays, I knew I had to incorporate all this cardboard.

Now I love me some crafts…  but I haaaaate messes. Trying to manage a craft activity in our special education classroom is already difficult enough, and involving anything with paint makes me cringe.

I have been using Kwik Stix for painting activities with my son at home since the summer, but it took me a while to incorporate them at school. I couldn’t wait to introduce my students to them this past week to make some cute ornaments for our classroom tree.

Of course, before handing them out, I did a proper demonstration of how to use them (much like the one I have to give daily for glue sticks), but honestly, it took my cuties no time at all to figure them out. Best part, ALL of my students were successful with using them, and I have a VERY vast range of ability levels in our classroom. Half of my kiddos can’t even write yet, but they were little Picasso’s during this activity.

How beautiful are some of these colors? We used the regular paints and the metallic paints. Even more amazing – this stuff dries in 90 seconds… but honestly, I swear its like almost instant. THERE WAS NO MESS!

Now that we got our introduction of Kwik Stix out of the way in our room, they are now available to students to earn during break times. I’ll bet you can guess what the highest reinforcer in our classroom is right now…


We were also lucky enough to add Magic Stix Markers to our classroom art supply stash. I’m not sure about your classroom, but in our classroom, the caps always never seem to make it back to their marker homes.

Magic Stix can have the cap off for over 7 days without drying out! So far, my littles love them!

Please note: While I did receive these item at no cost, all opinions in this post are 100% my own. 

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