Place Value PROS

Today I introduced my Place Value PROs Math Stations to my 3rd grade students and they LOVED it. I split the kids up into partners to complete the different tasks, but this could very well work with larger groups because each activity has at least 20 task cards to complete. We will rotate groups tomorrow, and continue to do so all week.
So easy to prepare – I just threw the clipped materials in different spots around the room!

They loved completing the task cards – I have never seen them so on task and independent!! I didn’t know what to do with myself because they didn’t neeeed me like they usually do..

So I took pictures!
Recording each digit in the different place values, their values, and the number modeled on the task card.
Organized Chaos
Spin it to win it game
Finding the place value and value of the underlined digit
Recording what number is modeled by the base ten pieces.
Reading and problem solving with place value word problems – These dry/erase place value charts are my favs! So helpful for them!

They really need the extra help with place value before we move onto other concepts. It’s unbelieveable how misconceptions about place value can have such a negative effect on other math processes.

Such a good day, I love when stuff works! If you like these activities.. check em out here!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

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