Pumpkin Scrubbing Sensory Bin

There are so many fun activities to do with pumpkins. This has been a favorite of ours at home and I know it would be a hit in the classroom. Hello life skills!

All you need to set this up are some pumpkins, a large bin, dish soap, water and some brushes/sponges. Most likely all things you have at home and in the classroom. I put the soap water in a separate container, but you could put it all in one and just let your kiddos go to town scrubbing!

This is the perfect activity to do after  you get back from the pumpkin patch, during your fall class parties, or as prep before you paint or carve your pumpkin.

If you need more pumpkin activities, be sure to check out the Made For Me Literacy unit on Pumpkins. So many pumpkin activities for the classroom!


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