Puzzle Play Activities

In our classroom, puzzle play is essential for my students. We work on completing different types of puzzles to work on skills my students might not have yet, like fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, shape recognition, and memory.

With most tasks they are working on, we have to work towards mastery and it can take a while for them to master just one puzzle. Like all kids, they can get super sick of doing the SAME thing over and over again. To make things more fun for them, I like to incorporate different “puzzle play” activities. Below are some pictures from different variations of puzzle play I do in the classroom and at home with my toddler.


Sensory Puzzle Play

Sensory bins are SO engaging for our students. You don’t have to get too fancy, just hide the puzzle pieces in items you already have on hand. Rice, shredded paper, and beans are all perfect for these activities!

Alphabet Art Puzzle 


Similar Transportation Puzzle


Construction Site Puzzle


Alphabet Puzzle

Magnet Puzzles

My students LOVE this one! I add pom poms and spikey balls to a bin (think “light” objects) and add round magnets to the back of the puzzle pieces and they use fishing rods to “fish” for the pieces.

Shape Puzzle


Egg Puzzles

Just because Easter is over, does not mean you have to put away the eggs! Hiding items in eggs is SO MOTIVATING for our students!

Alphabet Puzzle

Puzzle Presents

Unwrapping presents… need I say more? I always save the packaging paper from Amazon for these so I don’t feel like I’m just wasting a ton of good paper. My students LOVE this one!

Farm Puzzle


Playdoh Puzzle Play



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    LOVE all of these ideas!! Thank you!!

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