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I absolutely adore doing “themes” in the classroom. This month, of course, has been all about “Back to School.” We have been learning all about the rules, classroom objects, our school, etc. All of the activities in our centers are based around this back to school theme. I spent a majority of my summer creating materials to use this year, so that I wouldn’t feel like I got slapped in the face come September. If you are interested in seeing all of our monthly themes this year, check out the lovely little chart below. Of course, we will still be doing holidays, just not obsessing over them all month. 
I am formatting this around my centers (teacher time, language, workshop, writing, etc.) so if you aren’t familiar with my centers, click here to read all about how I set them up. 
Teacher Time: For most of my activities in teacher time this month, I have been reviewing basic skills with my students and collecting a lot of baseline data on their beginning of year levels. I have tubs set up with all the tasks I want them to do for the day, and I always have assessment sheets handy to take notes along with their data binders (coming soon). All of the activities I have been using come from two packs I have in my store: Back to School Basic Skills and September Work Tasks. These packs cover nearly every skill I want to assess in the beginning of the year, from matching colors to counting to telling time to addition/subtraction and so on. To work on one to one correspondence and counting, we have been using my One to One Correspondence Pack









Language: For language at the beginning of the year, we have been using our Smart talk language card reader (shown below) to learn all about colors, numbers, ABC’s and school supplies. 
Writing: We will be working on sentence structure as well as “WH” questions based on back to school pictures of students working and playing from my Back to School Sentence Builder Pack (shown below). Students will also be working on fine motor tasks such as tracing and cutting using the sheets included in my Basic Skills Pack (shown below).
Workboxes: A lot of our beginning of the year tasks are put ins, matching, and sorting by colors/shapes. I’m trying to get the students back in the swing of “independent” work, and I know all of them can do these tasks by themselves. Here are a few examples:


Workshop: Lots of back to school related tasks!


Literacy time/Story time: We have been loving Pete the Cat: School Shoes, Pete the Cat: Wheels on the Bus, and There was an Old Lady who Swallowed Some Books. I’ll dive deeper into the activities I am using and how I adapt these books in another post. 🙂
back to school workbox activities


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