Spotlight on Special Thinker: Georgie!

Today we get to meet Georgie & celebrate 9 things his momma loves about him for his 9th birthday!

Enjoy 🙂

Meet the Light of my Life, Georgie!

Georgie’s first walk for Autism Speaks in Chicago (age 3)
Georgie was diagnosed with PDD- NOS shortly before his 3rd Birthday. Georgie had no language and had numerous repetitive behaviors. He was also on the go all the time! He has been my tour guide on the path of Autism for the past nine years and has taught me so much.  My Georgie just celebrated his 9th Birthday last week with 15 friends for the first time! It has not always been easy, but here are 9 things that I LOVE about my Georgie and want to share about him. 

1. His smile will light up a room! He is a happy boy and brings a smile to those that work with him and are around him. 

2. He is full of compassion for others. If someone is hurt or upset Georgie has to go out of his way to check on them. 

3. Loves his little brother! When we brought his baby brother home 6 years later, Georgie embraced him and kisses him every single day! They are truly best buddies! 

4. His huge love and passion for trains! My family has learned a lot about trains over the years due to our numerous train adventures. When Georgie is on a train, he never stops smiling!

5. He has an awesome belly laugh!

6. He loves the outdoors! His favorite is swimming and going to a sandy beach in the summer. He also loves water parks! 

7. He loves books and going to the library. He is currently in 3rd grade and learning to read. 

8. He loves his dog Maggie! She is a 10 year old German Shepard that is not far from his side when he is home. 

9. He loves going to school and we have been blessed with amazing teachers and support staff. Georgie has come a long way since his diagnosis and I look forward to the next 9 years! He is an AMAZING BOY and I am so proud and lucky to be his Mommy! 

Thank you so much for sharing Georgie with us, Susan, he is such a joy! Happy Birthday Georgie!!! 🙂

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  1. Renee Smentek on April 3, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    I am blessed to know Georgie. He is a great kid and is always smiling. He has the best parents. Susan and Billy are so patient, kind and loving.

  2. Katie L on April 3, 2014 at 9:47 pm

    There's my boy!! I'm so glad I found your IG page and saw this to pass along to Susan!

    Georgie has the most special place in my heart (right next to my son…which my seem weird considering I was just his 1:1, but I seriously love him THAT much)! It has been quite the adventure experiencing Autism through Georgie's eyes and as much as Susan says they are blessed to have US, we are equally as blessed to have THEM! I can't wait to continue watching my 2 year olds best friend grow up into the AMAZING man I know he will be!!

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