Storytime Talk: We Love Pete the Cat!

This year, my students are LOVING story time. I have tried my best to pick books that are shorter (wink wink), “action” packed (think music/melodies), and that are repetitive. In my classroom, we read a book several times to the point that the pages start to wear, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. To have 8 little ones (& all boys at that!) so into a story… AH! Be still, my teacher heart….

How do I keep them so engaged, you ask? I turn every book into an “adapted” book by adding pictures, props, music, etc., and by following a very structured routine for storytime. Don’t be afraid of adding a little velcro to your precious storybooks.. your students will benefit!
Here are a few pictures of our first book this year – Pete the Cat: Rocking in my School Shoes

We’ve also been reading The Wheels on the Bus, so I had them do a simple following directions activity as well. 

I found a TON of freebies to go along with Pete the Cat books over at 3 Dinosaurs. Unfortunately, I cannot share the clipart images I used with our book, BUT there are some images in these packets you can use to make your own.

These printables are PERFECT for independent work tasks, homework, and basic skills practice!

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