Turkey Classroom Door

The one thing I hate about changing months is pulling down all of our artwork and writing from the previous month. I can’t get new work up in the hallway fast enough! 
To give us some time to fill up our wall of art, we did this fun little art activity for our door. I finally pulled down our Pete the Cat themed class door, and decided a fun Turkey would be perfect to set the tone for the month. 
My kiddos LOVED it, and I was able to incorporate loads of requesting within the activity. 
What you need (I got most of the items from Oriental Trading):
-paper plates
colorful construction paper (cut into large feather shapes and black for the eyes)
-glue sticks
I pre-cut out the “feathers,” had students request a color, the letters in their names, and then they had to request the other items to get them. 
I love how colorful they turned out, and we worked on SO many skills for this low prep activity!
Please note: While I did receive these item at no cost, all opinions in this post are 100% my own.
I used two paper plates and cut out the black circles from construction paper for the eyes, an orange triangle for the nose, and used some of a red streamer for the gizzard. Thankfully, our door is already brown, so I didn’t have to cover it with paper. 
I think it turned out fabulous! Love my little turkeys!

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