Using Digital Tasks in the K-2 Math Classroom

When Michaela from Especially Education and I planned out our Made For Me Math bundle, we focused on making the skill assessments a more engaging and integrated part of instruction. We put our heads together and realized that students love anything they can do on a tablet. Add in the fact that results can be saved so easily, and we were sold! That’s why we made digital tasks such a big part of the Made for Me Math growing bundle.

All of the stories and comprehension tasks in the bundle give students instant feedback via tablet. Clicking on an answer tells them if they are right or wrong and helps them learn and grow! These activities can be done on a tablet, phone, or computer. A lot of teachers like to display them on their smartboard screen or share screen when completing distance learning. Each unit comes with 4 digital tasks, so there are a total of 40 digital tasks in the bundle!

Made For Me Math was created before “distance learning” was a thing, but it is perfect for this type of online situation. Thanks to the already embedded digital tasks in each unit, teachers can easily assign assessments or activities to students online. There are also tons of printable activities and worksheets included.

Read on to find out more about Using Digital Tasks in the K-2 Math Classroom.

Unit 1: Colors

Unit 1 does a great job of showing what is possible when it comes to digital tasks! The two stories; “Dog’s Colorful Day” and “Bear Sees Colors” are the prompts for the discussion around colors. The tasks then fall right in line with the theme of the story. Everything a teacher could need to teach, print, assess, or document comes in this unit!

colors digital task

Unit 2: Numbers 0-5

In Unit 2, teachers will be able to work on the numbers 0 to 5 through two cute stories; “Counting at the Zoo”, and “Bear Counts”. The assessment images are so colorful and engaging for little learners, they will be asking to “play the zoo counting game again!” Whether teachers use a tablet or simply print off the task sheets, they will love having everything in one place, ready to print (or not!) and go!

counting digital task displayed on tablet

Unit 3: Numbers 0-10

Unit 3 helps students grow their knowledge of numbers up to 10. There are two stories with this unit as well, and each one has its own interactive tasks. The “Ten Black Dots” story is so perfect for 10-frames! Students work on counting up to “Ten Red Apples” or “Ten Black Dots”, and teachers can rest easy knowing that results are being recorded to show student growth!

counting ten frames digital task displayed on tablet

Unit 4: Sorting & Classifying

The goal of Unit 4 is to introduce (or reinforce) the ideas of sorting and classifying. The digital tasks are perfect for this age of students, using familiar words like “same” or “different.” I hope the sock matching task helps at home as well!

matching digital task displayed on tablet

Unit 5: Comparing Numbers

Unit 5 draws on skills learned in the first four units, and asks students to work on comparing numbers 0 to 10. The digital task asks students to think about more than and less than when comparing the number of carrots on the screen. After a story about “Just Enough Carrots,” students will be eager to continue the theme!

comparing numbers digital task displayed on tablet

Unit 6: Patterns & Positional Words

In Unit 6, students are asked to think about more complex patterns as well as position words like “behind” and “over”. The digital tasks are simple but engaging and tie beautifully into the stories built into the unit!

prepositions digital task displayed on tabletpatterns  digital task displayed on tablet

Unit 7: Shapes

In Unit 7, students learn all about shapes! After reading the book, “Circus Shapes,” students get to identify silly shapes in the digital task. Other digital tasks in the unit involve identifying real word shapes through clip art and real life pictures. This unit is sure to be a student favorite!

shapes digital task displayed on tablet

Units 8 and 9: Addition and Subtraction

In Units 8 and 9, students use concepts gained from previous units and apply them to basic addition and subtraction. The digital tasks in these units provide tons of additional practice for addition and subtraction facts, as well as assessments at the end of the units.

addition digital task displayed on tablet

Unit 10: Non-standard Measurement

In Unit 10, students wrap up the year with non-standard measurement. Through the unit of different items and cubes, students measure different objects on the digital tasks and determine their height and length. Students will love using their counting skills from previous units to measure!

non-standard measurement digital task displayed on tablet


The units in the Made For Me Math Bundle are so thorough I’m not sure anyone would be able to get to everything! There are art projects, WH questions, assessments, data sheets, recipes for edible snacks and sensory items that go along with each theme, and of course, 4 digital tasks pet unit. That means the bundle includes 40 digital tasks for you to use as assessments, small group activities, or even a distance learning assignment. Have you been Using Digital Tasks in the K-2 Math Classroom? Check out the bundle and get started!


If you are interested in more digital tasks for your Special Education, Preschool, or Kindergarten classroom, check out this post about our Made For Me Literacy Digital Tasks Packs. Each bundle comes with 50 digital tasks (with boom cards) and 50 no prep printables!


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