We’ve Got Your January Plans Covered.

January in the classroom has always been one of my favorite months of teaching. After much needed R & R for the holiday break, I’m always ready for winter themed activities. For our winter Made For Me Literacy units, Michaela and I chose to focus on the themes snow and penguins.

Turn your classroom into a winter wonderland with lessons packed with basic reading, math, writing, science, and fine motor skills. We took care of the differentiation for you, so you can do what you do best… TEACH!

winter kids activities

Each unit comes with story time lessons and materials for a fiction and non-fiction text. Click here to see the complete curriculum book list. We picked some amazing books for these units, and continue to love seeing your story maps and how you are using the interactive questions and assessments in your classrooms.

We also include 8 task boxes, 8 file folders, and 16 cut and paste activities in each Made For Me Literacy unit, all with at least 2 levels of differentiation. This way, you won’t have to worry about tweaking anything before presenting it to your students.

winter anchor charts

During these winter months, group anchor chart activities include sorting items by the temperature outside, describing snow, labeling kids by their winter accessories and lots of learning about penguins and their life cycles. I am in love with how colorful and bright the penguin anchor charts turned out, and there is so much learning involved! 

winter kids activities

The art activities are always a favorite of mine and these units definitely do not disappoint. Students gain so many skills from these fun crafts and we love to see how they brighten up your classroom bulletin boards and hallways!

winter kids activities

There are several different writing activities included in the units. Highlights from the snow unit include writing poems and the snow globe 5 senses writing creativity. In the penguin unit, students create a flip book to share their learning all about penguins. Each unit also included resources to complete class predictable charts that can be turned into class books to add to your libraries.

winter kids activities

We also have your fun Fridays planned for you with visual recipes and sensory recipes. The snacks are so delicious and your students will love playing in the sensory snow! The melted snowman activity might be my FAVORITE sensory activity to date. DIY Puffy Paint is the coolest thing and feels awesome after it’s all dried.

winter kids activities

Be sure to share your successes with Made For Me Literacy in your classroom! We love seeing how you are using the curriculum with your students. 

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