What Goes Together? Association Flipbooks

Flipbook tasks are my favorite go to task throughout the day. They are perfect for teaching new skills, practicing learned skills, and then throw in a students work system once they have mastered the concept.

Use these books in circle time, reading groups, or one on one with students to help them learn common items that go together.

Understanding things that go together is an essential foundation skill for categorizing, discrimination, and early literacy development.

These flipbooks provide students with ample examples of different associations, so students will get LOTS of practice!

What I like most about using flipbooks is that they are one per page; therefore, students are also working on matching 1:1.

The less clutter, the better for most of my kiddos.

How do you teach associations in your classroom? I’d love more ideas!


  1. Mindy Olson-Pizzey on July 7, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    I absolutely love your products!!! Great job, talented lady! 🙂

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