Rainbow Tear Paper Craft

New favorite book alert! March is such a fun month. We focus on so many different themes, and my favorite BY FAR is the few days we learn about rainbows. Last week I introduced rainbows by reading the sweetest little book and my students followed along by making their own rainbows. The book is called What Makes a Rainbow? by Betty Schwartz.

I loved this activity because it directly related to the book and it kept their little hands busy while we read together.

I started off by having the students help me prep with a some fine motor tearing action.



Then before I read the story, I passed out blank rainbows. As I read the story and each new color was added to the ribbon in the book, we would put glue on our rainbows and add that color.




The final product looks lovely hanging up in our classroom!


I love when books are RIGHT on my students’ levels and this book was absolutely PERFECT. I created some visuals and some smaller picture pieces for my PECS users to use when we read the book again the next day so we could work on some comprehension and sequencing. Click below to grab the freebie for yourself!


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easy rainbow craft for kids

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