Word Problem Detectives

As I’ve already said, we are going to start hitting addition and subtraction word problems hard in my math classes since the students really struggle with them. I already discussed how we’ve been using white boards and markers to practice here, but my little cuties often forget to write down the correct information, and then get the problem wrong. I always tell them to listen carefully and write down those special “clue words!” We have the posters hung up, but I decided to make “mini” posters to place on my tables in a sheet protector for them to reference while they are completing the problems.

I also started using this “Word Problem Detectives Sheet” for them to use to complete the word problems. I will either just make up problems or write a few on the board for them to complete. The most important part is that they are identifying the correct operation to use.

Feel free to download and use this for your classroom!

Word Problem Detectives Activity

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  1. Mrs. Reed on November 20, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    I am your newest follower! Great activities!

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