Ten Books Every SPED Teacher Needs

This is the time of the school year where teachers begin relocating to new classrooms. Whether they moved to a different place or they are just getting moved to a different position, there is always a sense of panic when going into the unknown. By late May, I start getting a lot of questions about how to set up a classroom, schedule for all the different needs, implement curriculum, teach behavior and social skills, etc. I always like to give blog posts to refer to, but it got me thinking about how I learned all those things… through books!

I love scouring Pinterest, blogs, and Instagram for teaching ideas, but there is still something special about good old professional develop books. I am now going into my 8th year of teaching special ed, and I still refer to these books often to help me with classroom set-up at the beginning of the year, and throughout the year. I love that these books are all SPED specific and jam-packed with REAL CLASSROOM EXAMPLES AND PICTURES. Ain’t nobody got time to read hundreds of pages of just text.

Setting Up Classroom Spaces That Support Students with ASD

This book has a ton of pictures to help you set-up a structured classroom your students will thrive in. I revisit it at the beginning of every school year as my caseload changes or if I am in a new setting (college basketball coach wife life).





Building Independence: How to Create and Use Structured Work Systems

Lots of good info for setting up independent work stations. You NEED independent work stations in your classroom, trust me.




Activity Schedules for Children with Autism

I get so many questions about our daily schedule. It’s always a hard one to answer because each student has a schedule specific to their own goals. This is a great resource, especially when creating student schedules.





How Do I Teach this Kid?

Tons of task examples for all your different learners!







How Do I Teach this Kid to Read?

I use almost every activity in this book to teach my K-2 friends beginning reading skills. It comes with a CD filled with blank forms to use.







Tasks Galore

Anytime I’m putting together work tasks, I pull this book out. Its basically a giant picture dictionary of already made work tasks you can easily recreate with things you already have in the classroom.



Tasks Galore: Let’s Play!

Play is work in our classrooms! To help our students get comfortable with play, this book has a ton of step by step REAL PICTURE examples to use.




101 Games for Children with Autism, Asperger’s, and Sensory Processing Disorder

More than one hundred games to help your students stay focused, strengthen motor skills, improve language and numerical skills, and learn how to interact with others, how to take turns, and other social skills needed for school.




Taming the Data Monster

That data y’all, it is so important. This book comes with a link for printable data sheets THAT YOU CAN TYPE IN. BOOM! So necessary for our jobs.






Basic Skills Checklist

I make copies of all the checklists at the beginning of the year. There are even checklists you can send home with parents to learn about the child’s skills independence at home.




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